Supporting Entrepreneurs and Innovators

ASME ISHOW was created to help entrepreneurs focused on hardware-led social innovations scale their solutions to improve quality of life.

QuickSee™ is a product that addresses the critical lack of access to qualified optometrists and ophthalmologists in the developing world. Without affordable and accurate vision correction, millions of people are denied access to opportunities for education, work, and to improve their quality of life. A ten-second look through the QuickSee device produces an accurate eyeglass prescription—a service that was previously unavailable in many rural and underserved communities. “We designed it so that anyone anywhere can get an accurate eyeglass prescription in ten seconds,” said Shivang Dave, PhD, winner of the 2017 ASME ISHOW.

ASME’s philanthropic programs are an important way for the Society to expand its reach, its impact, and its contribution to the world. Through these initiatives, ASME is nurturing and supporting the dream-makers of tomorrow.

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