INSPIRE Next Gen STEM Champions

"INSPIRE invites students to explore their fundamental nature as problem-solvers.  In the process, they’re exposed to concepts that can open up a whole new world of possibilities.  On behalf of all my students and fellow teachers everywhere, thank you for giving us such a wonderful resource to spark interest in STEM education.”

Meet Dee Chastain of Dunedin Highland Middle School in Pinellas, Florida. Dee is one of the hundreds of middle and high school teachers now using ASME’s innovative INSPIRE program to engage students and invite them to discover the possibilities of an education and career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

INSPIRE combines interactive game play and real-world simulations to engage students in learning fundamental engineering concepts.  The program, made possible with support from ASME Foundation donors like you, helps teachers like Dee work with students to build technology and coding skills.  In the process, INSPIRE sparks interest in STEM and helps students discover a world of possibilities they never knew existed.

With a gift to the ASME Foundation you can help get INSPIRE into more middle and high schools as quickly as possible in order to address the ongoing crisis in STEM education. To date, INSPIRE has reached 100,000 students together, we can increase participation and exposure to 1 million student in the US that are future problem solvers