Alexander Holley Society

The Alexander Holley Society was established in 2011 in honor of Alexander Lyman Holley (1832 – 1882), a mechanical engineer who helped found ASME and revolutionized steel production in the United States, It recognizes the leadership of individuals who make an annual commitment of $1,000 or more to the ASME Foundation.  A heartfelt thank you to our current Alexander Holley Society members.  Join us and change the world through engineering—contact the Foundation for more information or make a $1,000+ donation today.


Michael Adams
Frank Adamek
Mostafa Aghazadeh
Todd Allen
Sunao Aoki
Ann Baker
Bala Balachandran
Kenneth Balkey
Javid Bayandor
David Beddow
Lisa Bessler
Andrew Bicos
Keith Bloesch
William Borter
Betty Bowersox
Elah Bozorg-Grayel
M. Brackin
Stephen Brunkhorst
Charles Bruny
Nicholas Cedrone
Eleni Chatzi
Thomas Costabile
Joseph Davidson
Warren DeVries
Philip Divietro
Andrew Drouin
James Drouin
Paul Drouin
R. Drouin
Rene Drouin
Nicole Dyess
Bryan Erler
Alvin Filstrup
Leroy Fletcher
Joe Fowler
James Froula
Patricia Gallaher
Yogi Goswami
Jeanette Graham
Kalan Guiley
Krishna Gupta
Edwin Hahlbeck
John Hallquist
John Hasselmann
Mahantesh Hiremath
Regina Hoffmann
Kathryn Holmes
Debbie Holton
Patricia Hunt
Said Jahanmir
Gerald Jensen
Jennifer Jewers Bowlin
Marshall Jones
Albert Kilert
Barbara Klein
Robert J. La Rose
Rudolf Landwaard
Connie Lausten
Karen Lee
Kathleen Lobb
Ravi Mahajan
Robert Manross
Richard Marboe
David McClure
Thomas Meehan
C. Dan Mote
Thomas Mowry
Robert Pangborn
Thomas Pestorius
Harry Petrequin
Allian Pratt
Mary Lynn Realff
Ryan Reardon
K. Keith Roe
Steven Rutter
John Sare
A Edward Scherer
Anand Sethupathy
Steven Shaw
Cornelius Shih
Terry Shoup
J Robert Sims
Susan Skemp
Stuart Speyer
Scott Stallard
Mary Grace Stefanchik
John Swanson
Keith & Ruthie Thayer
Samuel Thomas
David Thompson
Alexander Vakakis
Thomas Washburn
Charla Wise
Justin Young
Sam Zamrik
Mohamed Zarrugh

Thank You!

Your support of the ASME Foundation helps build a better future for all of us. Heartfelt thanks to all who contribute their time, financial resources, and in-kind support. Together, we are empowering the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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