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A Message from the ASME Foundation

At this challenging moment, the ASME Foundation offers our sincere best wishes for the well-being of our supporters, volunteers, program participants and beneficiaries, and everyone within and beyond the ASME community.

We are reminded that no group of people on earth is better equipped to manage in difficult times than engineers. As passionate problem-solvers, we see this and every challenge as yet another opportunity to serve the greater good.

And when this event has passed, we will have engineers to thank for being part of the solution. Engineers innovate the systems, products, and equipment that heal the sick, mitigate risk, and ultimately build a better future for all of us.

So take heart. Keep the faith. Maintain a safe distance. And know that all of us at ASME and the ASME Foundation are undeterred in our mission to advance engineering for the benefit of humanity.

Thank You!

Your support of the ASME Foundation helps build a better future for all of us. Together, we are empowering the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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