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The ASME Foundation supports next generation engineers through a proven and powerful arc of programs that address every stage of an engineer’s journey, from early inspiration and learning—to career engagement and the development of life-changing innovations that improve quality of life.

By joining one of the ASME’s Foundation Giving Societies, you can carry forward your legacy and encourage the next generation of engineers. Your gift provides support for ASME programs that inspire ideas, ignite passion, and develop future engineering leaders.

The Thomas Edison Society ($250–$999)

Established in 2019, The Edison Club is named in honor of America’s greatest inventor, pioneer of innovation, and member of ASME, Thomas Alva Edison. Comprised of ASME members who provide unrestricted gift dollars of $250 or more during a single fiscal year to the ASME Foundation.

Joseph Abbin
Mahesh Aggarwal
Dale Bell
Stephen Bellato
William Bish
Michael Bohse
William Borter
Tsu-Wei Chou
Thomas Cooper
Pete Deubler
Lee Dodgion
Michael Drosjack
Morley Farquar
Robert Giardina
Louis Haggerty
C. Brett Harrison
W. Gordon Hunt
Marshall Jones
Madiha Kotb
Kishor Kulkarni
Robert J La Rose
Thomas Larson
Benjamin Layno
John Leland
Donald Lincoln
Warren Maddox
Jared Oehring
Karen Ohland
George Papadopoulos
Johne Parker
Kenneth Porter
Robert Schuman
Cornelius Shih
John Wesner
James Wilson
David Wilson

The Alexander Holley Society ($1,000)

The Alexander Holley Society was established in 2011 in honor of Alexander Lyman Holley (1832–1882), a mechanical engineer who helped found ASME and revolutionized steel production in the United States. It recognizes the leadership of individuals who make an annual commitment of $1,000 or more to the ASME Foundation.

Frank Adamek
Michael Adams
Annemarie Appleton
Bala Balachandran
Kenneth Balkey
Raanan Bar-Cohen
Javid Bayandor
Zdenek Bazant
David Beddow
Sidney Bernsen
Lisa Bessler
Andrew Bicos
Diane Bock
Betty Bowersox
Stephen Brunkhorst
Thomas Cooper
Thomas Costabile
Joseph Davidson
Lynden Davis
Peter DeMarco
Warren DeVries
Philip Divietro
Paul Drouin
Eric Ducharme
Nicole Dyess
Gerry Eisenberg
Gabriel Ellicott
Bryan Erler
Todd Fernstrum
Alvin Filstrup
Mark Finley
Joe Fowler
James Froula
Robert Giardina
Brent Gilliland
John Greaney
Thomas Greider
Robert Grimes
Edward Grood
Kalan Guiley
Krishna Gupta
John Hallquist
John Hasselmann
Bob Hauck
Elizabeth Hedden
Mahantesh Hiremath
Freeman Hrabowski
Patricia Hunt
Susan Ipri Brown
Madhusudan Iyengar
Eric James
Jennifer Jewers Bowlin
Wayne Johnson
Marshall Jones
Robert Keating
Albert Kilert
Madiha Kotb
Ritesh Lakhkar
Karen Lee
Kathleen Lobb
Ravi Mahajan
Robert Manross
Richard Marboe
Donald Marshall
David McClure
Joseph Milton
Thomas Mowry
J. Myers
Chandra Nath
Jared Oehring
John Olin
Thomas Perry
Thomas Pestorius
William Racine
Ryan Reardon
Kevin Reedy
Michael Reedy
K. Keith Roe
Boris Rubinsky
Steven Rutter
Douglas Scarth
A. Edward Scherer
Anand Sethupathy
Ting-Leung Sham
J Robert Sims
Robert Skaggs
Fotis Sotiropoulos
Stuart Speyer
Scott Stallard
John Swanson
Yulin Tan
Paul Uwe Thamsen
Samuel Thomas
David Thompson
John Thompson
Johnathan Toman
Stephanie Viola
Thomas Washburn
David Wing
Justin Young
Sam Zamrik
Mohamed Zarrugh

The Lewis Howard Latimer Society ($10,000–$24,999)

Inventor and engineer Lewis Howard Latimer was born to parents who had fled slavery. Latimer learned the art of mechanical drawing while working at a patent firm. Over the course of his career as a draftsman, Latimer worked closely with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, in addition to designing his own inventions.

Mostafa Aghazadeh
Kenneth & Ruth Anne Balkey
Sidney Bernsen
Lisa Bessler
Elah Bozorg-Grayel
Lynden Davis
Philip DiVietro
Paul Drouin
Gerry Eisenberg
Jeanette Graham
Karen Lee
Shuji Nakamura
Thomas & Ruth Pestorius
Terry & Betsy Shoup
Patrick Vieth
Huayong Yang

The Lillian Moller Gilbreth Society ($25,000–$99,999)

One of the first female engineers, Lillian Moller Gilbreth worked with her husband, Frank, to invent ‘time and motion study,’ analyzing ways to make industrial processes, office tasks, and housework more efficient, reduce human error, and enhance the safety and satisfaction of workers. Gilbreth became the first female engineering professor at Purdue University. In 1965, Gilbreth was the first woman elected to the National Academy of Engineering.

Thomas & Bonnie Costabile
Mary Anna Wilson

The James Watt Society ($100,000–$499,999)

James Watt was a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer, and chemist who improved on Thomas Newcomen’s 1712 Newcomen steam engine in 1776, which was fundamental to the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution in both his native Great Britain and the rest of the world.

Richard Goldstein
Keith & Elizabeth Roe

The Kate Gleason Society ($500,000–$999,999)

Known for several engineering and business firsts including: first female member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, first female president of a national bank, first woman appointed as the receiver of a bankrupt company and first female member of the American Concrete Institute. She was the first woman to be admitted to study engineering at Cornell University.

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The George Westinghouse Society ($1m+)

George Westinghouse is best known for inventing an air brake system that made railroads safer and promoting alternating current technology, which revolutionized the world’s light and power industries. George Westinghouse was one of the most prolific inventors and businessmen of the Industrial Revolution. After serving in the Union Army and Navy, he patented several devices, particularly for railroads. He would eventually start the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company to improve alternating current (AC) power generators.

John Swanson

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