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ASME E-Fests®, Premier Post-Secondary Engineering Events

ASME E-Fests and ASME EFx are global outreach events that offer challenging competitions, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities that connect college-age students to professional engineers, mentors, and one another.

There are currently four annual, regional ASME Engineering Festivals®: two in the U.S., one in India, and one in South America. The more than 3,000 engineering students who participate each year learn from experts and from each other. They begin to build a professional network by connecting with industry representatives and have a forum to demonstrate their passion and competence to potential employers, many of whom look to E-Fests and EFx as recruitment opportunities.

Digital E-Fest competitions, which can include students from all over the world, are being piloted now.

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E-Fests ignite the imagination

“A guest speaker described his company’s aspiration to be the DHL for Moon Deliveries”


For students who cannot travel to an E-Fest, the Society offers an EFx version of the program, enabling any engineering school in the world to host its own localized event.

At the ten EFx gatherings held this year, more than 3,000 engineering students connected to global engineering without leaving their communities. EFx also presents sponsorship opportunities for industry partners who seek to develop and support the local engineering workforce.

E-Fests are exhilarating learning experiences that encourage teamwork and engender innovation on many levels.
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