ASME ISHOW is a hardware-led social innovation accelerator for entrepreneurs/startups. Taking place in India, Kenya, and the United States each year, ISHOW’s network of experts helps entrepreneurs navigate the challenges they will encounter on their hardware journey to market. ISHOW winners receive seed grants, technical support, design consultations, and a customized Design & Engineering Review from experts at ISHOW Bootcamp.

ISHOW winners solve real-world challenges with world-changing innovations like:

  • A device that harvests water from dry desert air
  • A solar-powered chiller so off-the-grid farmers can get milk cold to market
  • A life-saving ventilator, built for under $20

Each ASME ISHOW brings together eight to ten carefully selected social entrepreneurs, currently up to 30 annually, and provides targeted engineering expertise, seed capital, guidance on how to bring a product to market, and a network through which participants can share their inventions globally.

Meet the 2020 winners and learn more about ASME ISHOW’s impact.
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