What happens when a 12-year-old learns how to 3D-print her own sneakers?
It just might change her life. And all of ours.

Classroom-based ASME INSPIRE is a scalable STEM education program that delivers a mind-expanding learning experience primarily to middle and high school students who might otherwise never be exposed to the opportunities available in engineering.

Now offered to more than 100,000 students in over 1,300 schools in all 50 states, the standards-aligned program introduces students to the potential rewards of an engineering career, emphasizing that it is a meaningful profession that can dramatically contribute to improving quality of life.

ASME INSPIRE is offered free to schools. Two-thirds of the schools that currently use ASME INSPIRE are designated as Title I, meaning that at least 40% of their students come from low-income households.

ASME INSPIRE uses videos, animations, and gaming scenarios to build students’ knowledge of engineering and core STEM concepts. Modules focus on leading-edge topics like big data, 3D printing, the algorithms that power the web, and the latest manufacturing and design technologies.


Teachers give ASME INSPIRE outstanding ratings, including a Net Promoter Score of +76, making it a “world class” program. They value both what it brings to students and how easy it is to integrate into their existing curriculum.

“ASME INSPIRE changed the way I look at things—the world and how I can change my life and others’ through learning about new things in science, math and engineering. It's really cool.”

Leylanie7th Grader
INSPIRE Boosts Participants’...

Knowledge of STEM Skills




Interest in STEM Careers




Interest in Engineering




“Students at this age often lack the knowledge of engineering and STEM-related careers along with the confidence to see themselves in these roles. ASME INSPIRE starts a conversation about the possible. All students, regardless of family income, can aspire to a career in the STEM path.”

Lesa LeviPlatte City (MO) Middle School
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