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Teachers often lack resources and training
to deliver K-12 engineering curriculum.

Illuminating the "E" in STEM for all students

ASME INSPIRE is a suite of K-12 engineering education programs that bring real-world stories and related STEM experiences into classrooms, infusing the optimism, empathy, and creativity that is vital to truly opening the door to “thinking like an engineer.”

Collectively, these programs provide engineering education content and experiences to students who have historically been under-represented in STEM:

  • 46% young girls
  • 61% identify as black, indigenous and/or students of color (BIPOC)
  • 80% Title 1 qualified schools

“ASME INSPIRE changed the way I look at things—the world and how I can change my life and others’ through learning about new things in science, math and engineering. It's really cool.”

Leylanie7th Grader

Engineering Dreams

The linchpin for these initiatives is Engineering Dreams, a multi-disciplinary virtual experience designed to engage K-12 students nationwide in the biggest challenges of today while opening the door to future STEM career possibilities.

Through Engineering Dreams, ASME is the leading provider of standards-aligned K-12 engineering education content in the United States, reaching over 35K+ schools annually through the Discovery Education Experience platform.  

Beyond the classroom, the Engineering Dreams website offers open, equitable access to the core content for free, inviting a more diverse and inclusive audience of students and educators to explore engineering.


ASME DropMEin! events bring ASME member volunteers and other STEM practitioners into K-12 classrooms, both virtually and in-person, to share their professional experiences.

In classrooms from coast to coast—80% Title 1-qualified—today’s diverse and inspired mechanical engineers shine a bright light on how engineers imagine and build a better future. DropMEin! visits demonstrate: 

  • The power of diverse and inclusive teams 
  • How ordered thinking leads to creative solutions 
  • That sustainable new technologies can meet the needs of real people 

During the 2022/23 academic year, ASME will engage with over 2,000 students during DropMEIn! virtual visits.

INSPIRE Boosts Participants’...

Knowledge of STEM Skills




Interest in STEM Careers




Interest in Engineering




“Students at this age often lack the knowledge of engineering and STEM-related careers along with the confidence to see themselves in these roles. ASME INSPIRE starts a conversation about the possible. All students, regardless of family income, can aspire to a career in the STEM path.”

Lesa LeviPlatte City (MO) Middle School
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