Archimedes Club

Founded in 2003, the Archimedes Club unites the ASME planned giving community in the common goal of supporting programs that will help advance the engineering profession. By choosing to make a planned gift, you can feel confident that you are helping to ensure the future of the engineering profession. Membership in the Archimedes Club is open exclusively to individuals who have made provisions for the ASME Foundation through a variety of estate planning tools or by leaving the ASME Foundation in their will. To discuss planned giving options, contact the foundation staff. We thank our members for their contribution.


Mahesh C. Aggarwal
Thomas M. Barlow
Ruthann Bigley
Betty L. Bowersox
Merle & Virgil R. Carter
Eleanor Chew
James W. Coaker
John J. Corcoran
Lynden F. Davis
Daniel Deckler
John N Eustis
Nancy & Roland Fitzroy
Donald R. Frikken
Marc W. Goldsmith
Richard J. Goldstein
Kalan Guiley
Philip W. Hamilton
Frederick Hanzalek
Francesca & Joe M. Holm
Warren Hutchings
Doris Hutchings
Jennifer R. Jewers Bowlin
Patricia & Duane P. Jordan
Henry M. Koenig
Milton Leonard
Warren R. Leonard
June Ling
Thomas G. Loughlin
E. Roland Maki
Sonia & Raj Manchanda
Alma U Martinez Fallon
Loretta C. McHugh
Magda & Michael B. Michaud
John C. Mihm
Michael Molnar
Ozden O. Ochoa
Robert N. Pangborn
Richard Pawliger
Craig D. Redding
Victoria A. Rockwell
K. Keith Roe
Richard Rosenberg
Ester Rosenberg
Ruth & Byron Schieber
Allen Selz
William & Evelyn Shoop
Betsy & Terry E. Shoup
Kathryne & Robert T. Simmons
Susan H. Skemp
Pamela & David J. Soukup
John A Swanson
Chor W. Tan
Ruthie & Keith B. Thayer
Roy P. Trowbridge
Eileen & William A. Weiblen
James D. Woodburn
Justin Young
Myrna & Sam Y. Zamrik

Thank You!

Your support of the ASME Foundation helps build a better future for all of us. Heartfelt thanks to all who contribute their time, financial resources, and in-kind support. Together, we are empowering the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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