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It is impossible to know how many would-be engineers will never have had the chance to realize their potential because they could not afford an engineering education.

ASME Foundation Scholarships address the college funding gap for the most deserving students in the U.S. and abroad.

In the U.S., among engineers with college degrees, fewer than 15% are women and less than 14% are individuals from minority groups long underrepresented in the profession.

The ASME Foundation awards nearly 45% of its scholarships to students of color and 40% to female students based on financial need.

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“The thought of delaying my senior year indefinitely until I could save up the money was heartbreaking. But thanks to the ASME Foundation Scholar Award, I was able to afford tuition and graduate with my B.S. in mechanical engineering.”

Meredith CampbellASME Foundation Scholar
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