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Setting the Global Standards

ASME was founded in 1880 as a professional community where mechanical engineers could exchange ideas and share information. One of ASME’s first contributions to the public good was to set safety standards for steam boilers. Today, ASME sets the global standards across mechanical engineering and related disciplines with an unwavering commitment to public safety and engineering excellence.

ASME plays another equally vital and powerful role: it is a central information and learning hub for engineers worldwide. ASME’s programs, forums, conferences, research, and rich digital ecosystem accelerate engineering innovation for the greater good.

Advancing Engineering

With its multidisciplinary focus and engagement with industry, academia, and government, ASME is uniquely positioned to nurture the next generation of engineers and the life-changing breakthroughs they will create.

The ASME Foundation raises funds for ASME’s philanthropic initiatives. Donations to the Foundation support existing programs and help fund new, high-impact initiatives, all with the aim of creating and diversifying the world-changing engineering workforce of the future.

Thank You!

Your support of the ASME Foundation helps build a better future for all of us. Heartfelt thanks to all who contribute their time, financial resources, and in-kind support. Together, we are empowering the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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