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Impact.Engineered Conference

Impact.Engineered is an annual conference recognizing and celebrating the engineering profession’s commitment and contributions to social and environmental innovation. This unique event convenes a global network of engineers engaged in advancing quality of life and highlights work that is already making substantial global development contributions. The conference, held in New York City, is a platform for showcasing these exciting innovations to social entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academics, and potential investors looking for new opportunities.

Impact.Engineered Research Forum

Too often, academic work on cutting-edge engineering solutions does not reach the field practitioners who need it most.

To recognize academic research with potential for product development in the global development space, ASME hosts an annual Impact.Engineered Research Forum. The Forum features critically acclaimed research and design initiatives from academia and industry that address pressing challenges in resource-constrained environments and frontier markets.

The creation, modeling, and validation of the engineering solutions presented at the Forum have potential to improve quality of life around the world while also creating a foundation for economic development. The engineers and industry insiders who attend have the opportunity to interact directly with the academic investigators to understand research outcomes and applications.

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