Edison Club

Established in 2019, The Edison Club is named in honor of America’s greatest inventor, pioneer of innovation, and member of ASME, Thomas Alva Edison. Comprised of ASME members who provide unrestricted gift dollars of $250 or more during a single fiscal year to ASME Foundation, Edison Club Members help support an arc of programs that address every stage of an engineer’s journey, from early inspiration and learning to career engagement and the development of life-changing innovations that improve quality of life. Join us to help empower the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow—contact the Foundation to make your gift of $250 or more today.


Norris Allman
Paul Amico
Bilal Ayyub
Clyde Babcock
Richard Baker
Bala Balachandran
Edward Banzy
Steven Battel
Kenneth Bean
John Becque
William Bish
John Blanton
James Blasko
Randall Bogard
John Brennan
John Briesemeister
Jennifer Brock
Douglas Brown
Valeta Chancey
Richard Cogswell
Calvin Crittenden
Nathan Cumar
William Cutts
Joseph Davis
L. Berkley Davis
John Delli Venneri
Eric Deyerl
Lee Dodgion
Paul Dreyer
Michael Drosjack
Bernard Dubois
Nicole Dyess
Eric Eckberg
Ronald Eshleman
Morley Farquar
John Fastabend
Mark Finley
E. Fisher
Freeman Fraim
Robert Gebbia
Robert Giardina
Frank Gillette
Charles Goggio
Thomas Greider
Leland Griffith
Changiz Habibvand
Je-Chin Han
John Harley
C Brett Harrison
Van Heare
Kathryn Holmes
Gerald Jensen
Eric Johnson
John Jones
Marshall Jones
John Joseph
William Kaiser
Robert Klemm
Thomas Kurfess
Ritesh Lakhkar
Rafael Laredo
Jay Larson
Richard Laudenat
Benjamin Layno
Yong Lee
Gina Lee-Glauser
Donald Leone
Robert Littler
James Mallory
Richard Marboe
George Martin
Sudershan Mathavan
David McClure
Thomas McKeown
Joseph Milton
Vincent Minardi
Mike Moran
Edward Moritz
Alex Moutsoglou
Thomas Mowry
Fred Newman
William Oberkampf
Dominic O’Donnell
Thomas Pelt
Albert Peterson
James Phelan
Richard Phillips
Yusef Rashid
Laurel Raso
Hans Richter
Victoria Rockwell
Bernard Ross
Wilfred Rouleau
Michael Roy
Wayne Schmidt
Ingo Schulz
Robert Schuman
Edmund Seiders
Ramesh Shah
Raphael Susnowitz
Walter Taylor
Robert Thresher
Kuan-Chong Ting
Reginald Vachon
Larry Welch
Tom Will
Guy Norman Williams
Edward Wolcott
William Wurzbach
Mohamed Zarrugh

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Your support of the ASME Foundation helps build a better future for all of us. Heartfelt thanks to all who contribute their time, financial resources, and in-kind support. Together, we are empowering the innovative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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