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ASME ISHOW Helps Innovators Improve Quality of Life

By October 15, 2019 4:40 pmOctober 14th, 2020Ideas That Innovate, Impact Story, ISHOW

See how PayGo, a Nairobi-based energy startup, is improving quality of life simply by making clean, safe cooking fuel more accessible and affordable. PayGo’s phone-enabled Cylinder Smart Meter, winner of the 2017 ASME ISHOW, allows users to  purchase small amounts of gas as they use it, providing a safer way to cook indoors.

“There’s about a billion households worldwide that are cooking with dirty fuels every day,” says Nick Quintong, CEO of PayGo. “Five million people die [prematurely] every year from respiratory illness that’s directly tied to cooking with dirty fuels indoors.”

In this video, you’ll see how PayGo offers a cleaner, safer, affordable solution to this critical quality of life challenge.