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Challenges and Prospects for Women in ME
Alma Martinez Fallon
Reposted from SWE, the Magazine of the Society of Women Engineers, Spring 2024
Leapfrog to the New Generation of Engineers
Neil Wilmhurst
Remember history, don’t repeat it. It’s more efficient than ever to “leapfrog” early stage technology and learning in nearly any field.
The American Spirit and Engineering
K. Keith Roe
Central to the best of the American character is a belief in the promise of a better future — for everyone. That faith is buoyed by all the possibility of the ingenuity of tomorrow’s engineers.
Addressing the Skills and Equity Gap
Michelle Blaise
If we are going to meet our future workforce needs and live up to our values of equal opportunity for all, we simply must do better—and that starts early.
Entry Level Equity
Dr. Gwendolyn E. Boyd
Employers need to be more intentional about recruiting students for paid internship opportunities
Adopting a Sustainability Mindset
Bob Hauck
Before engineers can change the world, what must change first is engineering itself.
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