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Innovative Insight Brings the Gift of Clear Vision

You asked me what my dream is. Millions of people being auto refracted with this in the future and provided with eyecare they didn't have before.
Shivang Dave, PhD
PlenOptika Co-Founder
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With ASME, your game-changing ideas can tackle the world’s most pressuring health crises.

QuickSee™ has this perfect story – this device developed by PlenOptika won the 2017 ASME ISHOW and became a game-changer. Before QuickSee, accurate vision exams were accessible only under the care of skilled professionals. Today, QuickSee is putting quick, affordable, and accurate vision correction in the hands of people who can improve the lives of billions.

Thanks to ASME’s support and the visionary idea behind QuickSee™, early prototypes were developed and piloted with external partners. The device provided faster eyeglass prescriptions in just ten seconds. QuickSee™ transformed eye care accessibility, with 700 people receiving eye exams in a single day at makeshift clinics. As a result, quality of life has dramatically improved, proving the power of innovation and collaboration in tackling global health crises.

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